Who are we?

Careerpage is a professionally managed recruitment firm based out of Bangalore in India. Established in the year 2010, the organization is geared towards mapping the right candidates to best fit the clients needs (employers) and facilitate recruitment by employing and creating the ‘next’ best practices in the industry.

What we do?

We are in the business of helping the organizations grow by identifying and employing the right talent pool. We help job seekers pursue and get closer to their career goals. In short, we facilitate recruitment by deploying technology and creating the ‘next’ best practices in the industry.

Creating high standards in recruitment

Leveraging technology to empower our partners and candidates. Strong back end, database management, mainframes, etc, which allows easy access to hygiene information, quick decisions and faster TAT’s.
High specialization in the respective areas of recruitment. Every consultant hiring at Careerpage brings in the domain expertise which adds value to both the employer and the job seekers.
Keeping YOU as an employer or job seeker as the driving force for the best in class recruitment practices in the industry. We work with the single minded effort to create processes which simplify recruitment for the recruiter, job seeker and for our clients.

Our Process




Search & Research


Deliver the Mandate on Time

Our Approach

Clients as our Partners

We believe that client agency partnership is the first step to achieve great results in recruitment. To practice this ideology, we ensure that we work closely with our clients to understand their background, hiring objectives, requirements, cultural fit relevant to the organisation and also the industry in which they operate. We also believe in having a limited client base to harness a mutually beneficial partnership.

Candidate Nurturing

Candidate nurturing is imperative to the success of the recruiter, candidate and the employer. Overall, as a recruiter, understanding the fine balance between candidate’s aspirations and employers requirement and identifying the right fit is important to ensure long term success of the relationship. We at Careerpage are committed to the same.

Small team with clear vision and goals

There’s nothing like the agility, focus, inventiveness, and esprit de corps of an effective small team of committed and talented individuals, willing to put the clients success ahead of everything else to deliver the seemingly impossible. We at Careerpage are committed to provide best in class recruitment service through clear domain expertise of our small dedicated teams